Freelance Platform Found Israeli Company

Freelance Platform Found Israeli Company

Pakistan is amongst the largest freelancers in the world. and due to regional and religious conflicts with Israel there is ongoing cold war between two countries.

As the world knows already Israel occupied Palestine the the holy places of Muslims. in shaam and Ghazza and the ongoing illegal activities of israel including the criminal acts on innocent Palestinians are always heart breaking for Pakistan.

Therefor it has been discovered about one of the largest freelancers planform is also a product of Israel.

The HQ of the company is based in Tel Aviv.

And we also found the LinkedIn profile of fiverr's founder
link :  

And please do not forget just few days back Israel bombed the mosque and harmed many Muslims in holy night of 25th of Ramadhan.  

News link :

We stay strongly stand with our muslim brothers and sisters of palestine.

But the true challenge is for Pakistani fiverr freelancers to follow their religious practices and boycott or to ignore the reality and continue their earning with liberal mindset.

What do to you think about it. what should a common freelancer do at this point ?