How to Earn from YouTube

How to Earn from YouTube

If you born poor, it’s not your mistake.
But if you die poor it’s your mistake”
Bill Gates

The above quote from Bill Gates explain to us that if one is born poor from poor parents in a poor family and poor locality that is not his mistake, but if he died poor in poverty, with poor parents and poor locality, that is definitely his mistake.
God Almighty, The creator of Universe has given every mean to his creations particularly to his Human creation to live a well off, happy, meaningful, valuable, peaceful and life full of achievements. Humans have the highest rank in the intellectuality of His creations. They have five senses and a sixth sense of thinking and understanding. Humans has evolved along the time by use of their intellectuality. They found different ways and created different tools to achieve their respective goals and financial achievements in this world.
YouTube is one among the amazing created tools of Human beings.  YouTube and other similar applications has revolutionized the way of earning halal livelihood. It has revolutionized the way of living, they way of learning, information, traveling, creation, education and research.
Today in this article I will present you the ways through which you can earn money by using YouTube application.

Basic bullet points of Earning money by using YouTube application.

  1. Google Account
  2. Google AdSense Account
  3. YouTube Channel
  4. Best Performing Niche
  5. Subscriptions and Watch time
  6. Enough content
  7. Quality content
  8. Commitment and collaborations
  9. Affiliate marketing
  10. Promoting your stores or websites

Google Account

The first and foremost step of earning for a complete newbie, who do not know even a bit about internet or online earning from internet is creation of a google account or Gmail account with google. This google account is the online presence of a person on internet. He can be recognized in different platforms on internet by his Gmail account. This account can be used for hundreds of facilities available online. Gmail account or online presence of a person through Gmail or Yahoo etc. has become a need of the time now. Online presence is a mandatory requirement in almost every job in life. In order to create a Gmail account a user has to fill Sign In form on google which includes Full name, Birthday etc. and an agreement to agree with google terms and conditions.

Google AdSense Account

The second most important step for online earning is the Google AdSense Account with a google running program called Google AdSense.  This account is important for generating revenue from Google advertisements. Basically Google has agreements with different advertisement agencies who advertise their adds on google in images, pop-ups and links etc. The advertisers pay to Google and Google pay a percentage from that revenue to us when we allow their adds on our Blogs, in our websites or in the content of our YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel

The most Fundamental step for earning from YouTube is the creation of a YouTube channel and Google Account is the basic requirement for creating YouTube channel. YouTube demands only your personal photo, a thumbnail for your channel, some description, tags and some additional information about your channel. An Introductory video for your channel has a lot of importance for your potential first viewers and for good first impressions about your channel.

Best Performing Niche

Niche selection for YouTube channel is one of the basic thing for future success in a YouTube channel. If the content in your YouTube channel is according to a topnotch best performing topic or Niche in the YouTube then your channel will grow with faster rates. Selection of niche is the basic idea or motivation for successful running of a YouTube channel. Here are some of the Best Performing Niches of YouTube channels.

  • Financial content channels
  • Luxury Channels
  • Scary Channel
  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Psychology
  • Top 10

Subscriptions and Watch time

Successful YouTube channels are those who have maximum subscriptions of viewers and maximum Watch time hours.  The least number of subscriptions and watch time hours for monetization of a YouTube channel required by YouTube community is

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch time hours

Enough Content

The importance of content in a YouTube channel is as like as the importance of fruits in a tree or oil in any car. The more the fruit the more it can be taken from the tree, the less the fruit the less the tree will be visited. Quantity of the content is necessary for more visits of a YouTube channel. In other words the more the videos uploaded on a channel the more it will be visited by the viewers.  Successful YouTubers predict that at least 100 videos should be uploaded to achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours successfully. The number of videos is different for different YouTubers but 100 videos should be the minimum target for a newbie YouTuber.

Quality Content

The quality of content has a huge impression in the success of a YouTube channel. The best and well edited content on a YouTube channel will result in the early and fastest success of a YouTube channel. Quality of content turn a channel into a brand. It has ripple effect on subscriptions and views. If the content is liked by someone and deeply connected to it, He will subscribe to the channel,  like and would even share your excellent content with his other friends and his circles.  The following things has a lot of importance in quality of content.

  • Thumbnail of video
  • Title of Video
  • Descriptions of Video
  • Tags in Video
  • The script of Video
  • Start of Video

Commitment and Collaborations

Commitment is the main thing for success in YouTube channel. The more a person is committed the more is the chance for success in the channel. Commitment and interest is the pushing force for success of a channel. Collaborations with other youtubers has also a big role in the early growth of a channel.  Successful youtubers can give shout outs to your channels and can present your content to his subscribers which can play a role in increasing your subscriber, your channel views and ultimately in your earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also promote e-commerce products on your channel and help the sellers of e-commerce products in their marketing. When the product is sold by the affiliate link which you have shared in your video descriptions normally you can have then certain percentage of amount in their profits, in that way a person can also earn from his channel.  

Promoting Your Stores or Websites

Successful youtubers can also promote their own stores websites or their own products in the videos or in their video descriptions. Youtubers can also make deals with other websites and stores for their promotions and earn certain profits.  A successful YouTube channel is a brand in itself. Although it demands a lot of hard and smart work but the success is worthy in all its forms on a YouTube channel.
Tech news wish you best of luck in your YouTube Journey.