How to start a business on Amazon from Pakistan

How to start a business on Amazon from Pakistan

Amazon’s business is getting popular day by day. This pandemic situation boosts it as well as everyone is struggling to survive. Especially people in third world countries are more affected due to this pandemic situation. Now people understand this Internet is the only source of income which cannot be affected by this kind of situation. And people in Pakistan are also coming toward online business-like Amazon. If you are one of them as well and finding new ways to earn online then this article is for you. Create an Amazon Seller Account and earn a good profit through it. I am here to describe Amazon Business. Although Amazon is not officially launched in Pakistan you can start your own Amazon Business while staying in Pakistan.

Here is the complete step-by-step instruction regarding what you can do on Amazon and how you can earn through it.

First is the Amazon seller account. The procedure is described below.
⦁ Sign Up as a Seller:

Signup Link

Go to the official website of Amazon. Create a seller account by providing an email, password, and perform OTP verification.
⦁ Business details:

You have to provide business details that include Business Location (must be other than Pakistan like USA, UK, Canada, etc) and Business Type (Personal owned, public-owned, a charity based, etc).
⦁ Personal Information:

Then you have to provide personal information like Nationality, Mobile Number, State of living, etc. You can’t provide a Pakistani number so buy an American number and proceed further.
⦁ Select Marketplace:

Select the marketplace where you want to sell your product like America, UK, Canada, etc.
⦁ Verification through billing information:

You need a Credit Card for verification purposes. You will provide the card number, date of issuance, and expiry date for verification.
⦁ Store Information:

In his step, you have to provide the Store name and answer some questions about UPC, Trade Mark number, and ownership of the store.
⦁ Address Verification:

Amazon will send you a monetized address within 7 days that you will verify online. After verification, you will be able to run your store properly.

Important Tip:

As you will be running your store from Pakistan. And if you will send your product from Pakistan to the target market place you will face some hardships due to some laws of Pakistan. So it is better to outsource product delivery to or set your factory outside where mobilization of product is easy.

The second business that you can run on Amazon is the Amazon Affiliate program.
⦁ Sign Up:

Sign up as an affiliate marketer by providing your name, and password.

⦁ Marketing Site Details:

Fill out the form and tell details about the online source through which you do affiliate marketing. You have to tell the reach of your website as well.
⦁ Select Niche:

Select a product niche. Like clothes, toys, furniture, etc.
⦁ Share Links:

Select the specific product by searching from your account and share it with with your pages your website or blog where you have more traffic or share on your youtube channels.

When people buy from amazon using your links and you will earn commission of each sale which you can withdrawal easily from amazon account later direct to your bank account.