2021 Pakistan reshaping B2B eCommerce industry

2021 Pakistan reshaping B2B eCommerce industry

Year 2021 is reshaping the industry of b2b in Pakistan. a lot of new startups are there and raising good amount of funding's. The grow of Pakistan b2b ecommerce market is exponential. Since the launch of 4G network in Pakistan the era of startups and international exposure for ecom industry in Pakistan has been increased.

Alibaba acquired daraz.pk and many VP invested eCom industry of pakistan. below I'm going to mention some of the new startups of 2021 who are working actively to revolutionize the B2B eCom industry in pakistan.

01. kharidar  

Kharidar is connecting millions of wholesalers, manufacturers & traders with retailers across Pakistan. For retailers, find the best prices and deals from our Smart AI for your store, & for wholesalers, reach thousands of KHARIDARS with zero cost and boost your profits!

01. Bazaar

Bazaar is an online B2B marketplace startup that is working towards its mission of revolutionizing traditional retail in Pakistan. Through our mobile app and tech-enabled supply chain, retailers can access a large assortment of branded and unbranded products, and seamlessly procure goods for their store.

Bazaar is working towards this mission by bringing together and cultivating talent both in Pakistan and the diaspora and building cutting-edge technology across the supply chain. With its passion to build a great institution, Bazaar has raised a total of $7.8 million since its inception in May 2020

03. TajirApp

Tajir offers a one-stop shop for buying inventory. Through Tajir, stores can order whenever they want, receive on-demand delivery, enjoy transparent, competitive prices, and choose from the largest selection of products available. Tajir takes a process that took a dozen hours every week and reduces it to a few minutes.

Suppliers can sell to stores directly through Tajir, enjoying greater sales at higher margins with zero additional investment

04. Dastgyr

LAHORE: B2B e-commerce marketplace Dastgyr has raised undisclosed six-figure funding from angel investors in the United States (US), Pakistan and the Middle East, the company claimed in a statement on Monday.

Dastgyr’s angel round makes it the fourth startup in the B2B e-commerce space that has raised funding this year, with Bazaar, Jugnu and Taajir being the other three.

Launched in May 2020 in Lahore and Karachi, Dastgyr is founded by former members of Airlift Technologies who aspire to digitise the small, medium, and large businesses in Pakistan through technological advancement and development.

Founded by Muhammad Owais, Zohaib Ali, Mohammad Awais Chaudhry, Haseeb Siddiqui, Asad Qamar, and Maaz Tariq, Dastgyr enables shopkeepers to place orders, manage their inventory, and budgets, only within a few clicks.

05. Bayopari

Bayopari.com is a Business-to-Business (B2B) marketplace for businesses all across Pakistan. Bayopari.com serves as a platform to connect individuals / businesses in the form of suppliers and buyers to find, interact and transact with each other. We are not a party between any negotiations or interactions between buyers and sellers and do not charge any commissions for deals or transaction between users.

Bayopari.com focuses mainly on small and medium sized businesses to provide them opportunities to reach out to a wider audience of buyers and in the same perspective buyers have the service to meet their demands from multiple sources.

Our primary goal is easing and innovating trade practices in Pakistan. We aim to be the largest and widespread community all over the country and to work for their interests.


There is no doubt about the exponential growth in Pakistani B2B eCommerce industry but the real challenges are still there. such as.

01. The online large payments facilitation is not yet flexible
02. Banking channels and transaction operations are easy to manage with eCom
03. Hard to find good human resources for eCom business from tech to operations
04. The trust of buying online is not yet on the promising level
05. Fulfillment courier refunds chargebacks are not yet practiced properly
and the list goes on.

but the good news is the era of resolving such problems has been started from somewhere. it does not matter too much how good or professional way someone is starting to resolve the problems. the good thing is people starting working on it these 5 top above b2b platforms will reshape the industry of Pakistan in coming years.

From year 22 to 25 pakistan will be listed to international eCom industry as china already investing huge amount of business in pakistan. and the people of pakistan are also prospering and growing in eCommerce.

let's hope for the good ;)